Goodbye Ordinary

I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

A Halloween Treat For You October 31, 2008

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You may or may not know that I had carpal tunnel surgery on October 22.  I am into week two where I have a wrap and splint on my hand that keeps my wrist from being able to bend.  I saw my surgeon on 10/28 and my hand was unwrapped, cleaned, and checked and I was given a smaller version of the original wrap.  I was given instructions that I could now take off the wrap to let it “air out”, but that I wasn’t supposed to do any activities without it on.  At this point it still hurts to put any pressure on my fingers – I can’t even tie a bow with my robe sash – but they are getting better every day.  I am typing with all my fingers except my thumb.

In case you don’t know, I have some interesting paradoxical quirks in my personality.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and yet I opted for general anesthesia for my surgery just so that I wouldn’t have to have a second IV inserted for numbing of the arm – it took two trys to get the one in that I needed no matter what.  I love to watch medical shows on television – not dramas, but actual surgeries, however, when my wrap is off I can’t relax because I am sure that I am going to move wrong and my sutures will burst open or the cut tendon will pull and hurt.  When my wrap is on I have the same invincible feeling as I do when cleaning with my yellow rubber gloves.  🙂  Kevin calls my rubber gloves my “magic gloves” because I can tackle any disgusting cleaning job if I have my “magic gloves” on. 

So, now for the Halloween treat.  I had Kelsey take a photo of my hand – unwrapped – last night.  Do you want to see it?  It is below if you think you can take it!




Do you feel sorry for me?  Ah, come on!  Just a little sympathy.  I never have a wound that is visible so I need to milk this one for all it is worth.  If you can’t tell, the spot on the middle of my palm is bruising.  You can also see the purple marker where the surgeon marked the incision and also to mark where the large stitches were to be placed.  I get my stitches out next Wednesday, but keep the wrap and splint for another week.

Thanks for, uh, looking.  🙂  Lori


How did I name my site? October 30, 2008

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I have this CD of Mercy Me with a song on it entitled, “Goodbye Ordinary”.  Here are the lyrics to the chorus:  Live like there’s no tomorrow, Love extravagantly, Lead a life to be followed, Goodbye ordinary,
Goodbye ordinary.

I love the thoughts in these words.  Since losing our son in an accident, the way I see the world has been turned upside down.  All the things I used to focus on seemed very insignificant.  Of course, my family was always very important to me, but I had slipped into this self indulgent mindset of seeking after things for my personal pleasure.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little of that in your life.  In fact, I believe that our heavenly Father has wonderful gifts for us in this life.  The problem was my focus – where I was putting the most energy.

I realized that much of what I spent my time on had no lasting value.  As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and saved by grace, my relationship with God and my pursuit of holiness – a life that reflects the character of Christ – should be my number one priority.  The time I put into my marriage and family is always valuable.  But, these had really fallen into second place.

When the rug is pulled out from under you, you figure out what you need to hang onto to keep yourself on solid ground.  My search for that solid ground took me to God’s Word and it, and He, did not disappoint.  My greatest comfort was found in the Psalms where many authors cry out to God in their pain and fear and yet always remind themselves of the reality of Who God is and all that they have seen Him do.  Another book that was a comfort to me was Job. 

I am not by any means saying that I have it all figured out.  I only hope I am on the right road and can keep myself trudging on it in the right direction with as few sidetracks as possible!



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Thank you for dropping by and seeing what I am up to.  Since I always have something to say about pretty much everything, I figured, why not start a blog?  Having a blog will satisfy my need to say things I am thinking about and help me to archive for our family the happenings in our household.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have a minute to add a comment.


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