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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

A Special Gift September 27, 2009

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You might remember some months back, I wrote a post about Kalindi and Kira being excited to bless the girls of Sarah’s Covenant Homes with a gift that would enable them to purchase silver anklets to help the girls that live there to feel special.


Kalindi and Kira with their anklets

Sarah and her daughters came to the states this summer and while she was here she mailed the girls a special package with their very own silver anklets!  They were so excited to receive some.  They had never owned any and love them.  I just thought it was sweet of Sarah to purchase a pair for my girls and bring them with her from India so that she could give them to the girls.  Aren’t they pretty?



Thank you Sarah!


Sponsor a Child September 23, 2009

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I want to once again bring your attention to a wonderful ministry in India to orphans.  The blog where you can read about what is going on there is linked in my sidebar, Sarah’s Covenant Homes.

Sarah has recently been writing up profiles on all her children and is looking for regular monthly sponsors to help cover the costs of taking care of these kids and providing them with the home, education, food, and healthcare that they need and deserve. 

This isn’t like just any child sponsorship program.  Sarah blogs almost daily about what is going on in her two homes and gives you glimpses into life in India as well as the special personalities of each child or young adult she cares for.  This is a ministry that truly cares about the children and giving them a home and a family.  It is really special.

You can click a link on the sidebar at Sarah’s blog to donate by PayPal, or there is an address where you can send a check if that is easier.  She has figured that it takes $150 a month to support a child for daily regular expenses – this does not include surgeries or extra medical care. 

Please prayerfully consider helping out with Sarah’s Covenant Homes’ monthly expenses.  Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated.  What a blessing it would be to watch the progress of a specific child you are helping to sponsor and see how God is using your gift to change that child’s life! 

These are the Lord’s children and precious in His sight.  Thank you for considering sponsoring a child at Sarah’s Covenant Homes.


Dreams September 21, 2009

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I don’t often write about silly stuff.  This is going to be one of those blog posts.

I have had a dream two nights in a row that I am in a type of “Iron Chef” competition.  If you haven’t seen this show on Food Network there is a competition between two chefs who have an hour to cook several courses with one specific “surprise” ingredient.  There is a judging panel who then tastes the food and gives it a score.

In my first night’s dream the ingredient was tomatoes.  I honestly was planning three things involving tomatoes, and had them in my head, but for the life of me couldn’t find the ingredients that I needed to make them.

Last night I was in another competition – in my dream.  This one had pork as the main ingredient.  I was trying the entire time to find fresh sage and rosemary and could never find it.  I was running around grabbing and smelling plants.  It was very frustrating.

So, in another funny twist, one of the judges in my dream is Vern Yip, who is actually (in real life) a host of a decorating show on HGTV and was a judge on Design Star whose season just ended with the finale.  He LOVED my dishes!  I know they were horrible because I couldn’t find what I wanted to make them correctly, but Vern just kept gushing about how great they were.  That just cracks me up!

Do you dream?  Do you remember your dreams in detail?  Mine are usually pretty off the wall, but I have never had a recurring dream two nights in a row.  And I don’t even watch Iron Chef that often so I am not sure why that was on my mind.  I do like to cook and I admit I find it interesting that these chefs can come up with dishes based around an ingredient they just learned of.

Too funny.  Gee, I wonder what I will dream about tonight? 🙂



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We just had a lovely four day vacation camping at Newport on the Oregon coast.  The girls love playing on the beach and they got to play in the sand and water to their hearts’ content!

IMG_9868We also spent time at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  There are so many great exhibits there.  My personal favorites are the jellyfish and also the exhibits on life you find in tide pools.  What I always think about as I look at these amazing and unique creatures, is what a creative and magnificent God Who made them!

We could not have asked for better weather.  It is always a gamble at the coast, but we have found that September and even October can be great months to visit the beach.

Here are some photos from the Oregon Coast Aquarium:

Strawberry Anenome

Strawberry AnenomeJellyfish

If you are interested in more pictures of our trip to the beach, you can see them here in my Flickr album entitled “Newport”.
I am reading a book entitled, “A Chance to Die, The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael” by Elisabeth Elliot.  It is a thought provoking book and I have many thoughts on it I intend to blog about.  But, for now I will leave you with a quote of Amy Carmichael from the book,
“Satan is so much more in earnest than we are – he buys up the opportunity while we are wondering how much it will cost.”
It is now back to school and regular life!  Have a great week.  Lori

No, I did not drop off the face of the earth! September 17, 2009

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I am sorry it has been so long since I have written!  It has been an eventful couple of weeks.  I was sick with a bladder infection AND a sinus infection and felt especially bad the week before the Labor Day weekend.  Luckily, the antibiotics kicked in on Friday, the day we headed off to a camping family reunion in southern Oregon. 


Kalindi and Kira looking at the Rogue River

Kalindi and Kira looking at the Rogue River

The reunion was very enjoyable.  We hadn’t attended in several years so it was fun to catch up with some extended family members we don’t see except at the reunions.  The weather was pretty good – just a few light sprinkles a couple of times.  Kevin and I had been asked to be in charge of the Sunday morning service we hold at the reunion.  We both had put a lot of prayer into what we would share and we received good comments afterwards.

Kalindi found a dragonfly

Kalindi found a dragonfly

The other really encouraging thing about the reunion was that Kevin’s Aunt Beth had asked me to bring my jewelry because she wanted to buy a few things she saw on my Etsy shop and she said she would tell other family members and they might want to look too.  Well, I sold quite a lot of it!  It is always encouraging when people appreciate what you have made.


The girls had a fun time traveling around the campground and visiting different people.  Kelsey made Kalindi a “cootie catcher” – one of those folded things where people pick a number a couple of times and then get a message on the inside at the end.  Kalindi asked the same people so many times to “pick a number” that I was afraid they were going to start hiding when they saw her coming. 🙂 

After getting home Monday evening we jumped right into school on Tuesday.  I had meant to keep up on some schooling through the summer, but it just didn’t happen.  I was pleasantly surprised when the girls did some practice math sheets that it seemed like they were remembering all the facts that they had learned last year.  Yeah!

I am enjoying getting back into the routine of school, but with school and home duties and another short term volunteer position I am working on (as well as adoption education assignments I have to read and write about) – it is making it difficult for me to have free time to write here.

Kira and I did have time for a pedicure! (a home one)

Kira and I did have time for a pedicure! (a home one)

I really love home schooling!  Honestly, I think I enjoy it more than my children do. 🙂  Is there anything more fun than decorating your school room with educational posters, picking out great curriculum, buying school supplies, and sitting down in your own home and learning along with your kids?  I love how customized you can make home schooling and that I can devote whatever is necessary to help my child learn and address whatever special need they might have.

I can tell already that this is going to be a great school year.  I purchased Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways and I am really impressed with how it is going.  I also found a website called Read, Write, Think that has some great resources.  The one thing I learned from last year is that I need to move a lot slower than I thought I did.  I kept thinking they would catch on and catch up with me, but for Kalindi especially, we need to move slowly and not go to the next concept until the first one is down pat.

Another new curriculum I am using this year is The Story of the World for history.  There is an activity book that goes along with it.  The girls seem to really enjoy it and I love it.  There are lots of suggestions for crafts and activities as well as other books you can get from the library to delve deeper into the topics.

Adoption Update:  We have our fingerprint appointment with USCIS (Department of Homeland Security – Immigration) on September 29.  The approval for that should be about a month.  Once we have that approval, we will receive our official referral for Levi and then we will have a few more papers to get signed.  Then I can take my whole pack of papers to the Secretary of State for apostilling.  Once that is done, everything can be sent to India.

The first stop for the paperwork in India is CARA, the agency that has to approve our paperwork before it can proceed to the courts.  I have heard that this step is taking some time – much longer than the last time we adopted.  I guess there has to be a snag in the process somewhere, right?  🙂  But, I am not relying on CARA for a smooth approval – I am relying on Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth and the One Who sustains and controls all.   Sounds like pretty good odds to me!


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