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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

Levi-isms August 1, 2011

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Levi had a pretty good grasp of the English language when he came home with us in March 2011, but there is a lot of vocabulary yet to learn.  There have been a few priceless misuses of words that we have enjoyed.

One of my favorites is the question he asked a friend of mine who was visiting at our home.  She is a cat person.  She loves cats and owns cats.  Levi asked her, “Do you like puppy cats?”  We kind of chuckled and I explained to him that every baby animal has its own name and that a baby cat is called a kitten.  I thought he caught on, he is usually pretty quick about that.

However, at church a few weeks later, Levi was waiting for his Sunday school teacher and asked her sister where she was.  She was explaining to Levi that her sister was still at home taking care of her cow.  (This young lady has a “pet” cow. :-))  Levi then asked her, “Is it a puppy cow?”  That was when I knew my little talk about every baby animal having its own name was not as successful as I thought it was. 🙂

Just recently I bought a badminton set for our backyard.  The kids had played the game at a friends house and had a lot of fun so when I saw them on sale I purchased one.  The first night Kevin put up the net we all played and had a great time.  The next day I heard Levi asking his sisters if they wanted to go outside and play “bad man tennis”.  That just cracks me up!  Doesn’t that just conjure up the funniest picture?


Out of the Darkness May 28, 2010

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I found this post that I never completed.  It was from February 18, 2010.  Anywhere I have added something in the old post is in parenthesis:

I have been in a dark mood for the past couple of weeks.  Ever since the phone call I received letting me know that there was a snag in our adoption progress I have been fighting depression.  I really go back and forth in what I say to myself. (Here is the post where I wrote about our news.)

I want God’s will for our family in this adoption so, of course, if this is not God’s will for Levi to be our son then I don’t want it to happen.  However, my heart is already so in love with that little guy and I want to be his mom so bad!

Thus, all my musings on God’s sovereignty (I was referring to several posts I wrote during this time of struggle.  You can see them here  and here ) – which I completely cling to with great hope!

So, let’s talk about something else okay?  🙂

I was laughing to myself yesterday as I did school with the girls.  Kira’s reading lesson threw something new in at her.  Her stories she has read so far have had one sentence per line.  You always know that at the end of that line is the end of the sentence.  Well, yesterday her stories had a sentence and then started another sentence on the same line.  She read through the whole line as though it all belonged together and so I stopped her and explained that she needed to pay attention to the punctuation.  We had a talk about punctuation last week when commas were introduced. 

The second time she read through the line she got to the period and said, “Punctuation”,  paused, and then went on reading the next sentence.  It was so funny!  I had explained that a period, exclamation point or question mark would end a sentence and that she just needed to use her voice to show what it was marking.  Ha!  Every day is something new.

I was talking with a friend last night about depression and the need for medication.  I am NOT saying that no one should ever use medication for depression or other mental health issues, however, I wonder if many times our “depression” is spiritual and not physical in nature.

I think that is where I have been and this morning as I woke up I purposefully started to recite a song, “Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul” – it just came into my head.  I prayed thanking God for a new day and for His blessings to me and praised Him for His character.  I can’t say that it was a magic pill, but I think it is a good start to my making a decision to be thankful and to make my focus God and Who He is instead of focusing on my circumstances.

It is interesting that my anxiety about our adoption of Levi and letting myself get upset about it possibly not working out, led me into thinking about Grant and dredging up intense feelings of grief and pain that crop up now and then.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Grant and miss him, but I am thankful to say I do not have deep grief on a daily basis. 

I think this was a really good lesson for me.  When I let myself become so focused on earthly things I make myself vulnerable to discouragement, fear, lack of trust, and a lack of faith.  I am  asking God for His grace and strength to help me keep this up.  I also have a responsibility to perform!  I need to make sure that I am feeding myself on the word of God.  If I am not immersing my mind with the truth of scripture I am leaving myself vulnerable to lies that Satan or my own sinful flesh tell me.


I wrote the above on Feb. 18, 2010.  I do not remember what interrupted me that I didn’t finish it.  I am not in the same place that I was speaking of above.  But, it is a good reminder and warning to me.  I think we are always vulnerable to letting life’s temporary circumstances take over our hearts and minds.  When we do this, we turn away from the ONLY thing in our lives that can keep us stable and secure. 

Psalm 57:1-3, 5, 7 – 11 
1 Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me,
  for in you my soul takes refuge;
  in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge,
  till the storms of destruction pass by.
2I cry out to God Most High,
   to God who fulfills his purpose for me.
3He will send from heaven and save me;
   he will put to shame him who tramples on me.
God will send out his steadfast love and his faithfulness!

5 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!
   Let your glory be over all the earth!

7 My heart is steadfast, O God,
   my heart is steadfast!
   I will sing and make melody!
 8 Awake, my glory!
Awake, O harp and lyre!
   I will awake the dawn!
9I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples;
   I will sing praises to you among the nations.
10For your steadfast love is great to the heavens,
   your faithfulness to the clouds.
11 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!
   Let your glory be over all the earth!


It’s Been Awhile April 11, 2010

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I am not really sure why I haven’t felt like I had anything to say here.  Life has seemed pretty busy – but it usually is.  I will take a few minutes to catch you up.

I just had an interesting interaction with Kira this evening.  She had a little accident upstairs and called down to me and asked me to come up.  I was talking with Kevin so I asked her to wait a minute.  When I went up she looked pretty worried and I asked her what happened.  She explained to me what the problem was and we took care of it.  I talked to her about the issue and what she might do in future to avoid it happening again, but I didn’t get mad.

When we were finishing up, she grabbed me for a hug and said, “I love you, Mom.  When I look at you, it is just like I am seeing Jesus.”  I about burst into tears.  It was a sweet moment.

Kalindi had her first sleepover.  On Friday night she spent the night at the church where she attends AWANA for handbook camp.  She was so excited about it and I was thinking it would be a good rehearsal for the camp she wants to attend for a week this summer.  It turned out to be a rehearsal for everyone as Kira confessed just how upset she was at the prospect of her sister being away and sleeping alone in their room.  She has never in her life slept alone and she was quite worried.

I heard from Kalindi’s AWANA leader that she did just fine and did not seem to have a problem missing us or feeling homesick.  I am glad of that and she did say that she had a great time and still looks forward to camp this summer.  She was quite tired on Saturday from a lack of sleep and has come down with a cold or something.

Kira on the other hand, had a harder time.  She was quiet all evening and spoke of missing her sister on several occasions.  At bedtime she got very serious.  By the time she had brushed her teeth she ran to her bed and threw herself in and started crying – hard.  Poor thing.  I lay down by her and she wasn’t even wanting my comfort.  In fact, she started saying she was mad at us for letting Kalindi be away.  I felt so badly for her.  She finally did accept my comfort and lay with her head on my shoulder crying her eyes out. 

We had a talk about all that she has learned about Jesus and that He is always with her.  She asked me to read a storybook called Sammy and His Shepherd, which is a wonderful book about Psalm 23.  We read the first couple of chapters and Kira was reminded how Jesus is her good Shepherd and cares for her and protects her. 

It turned out to be a very good experience for Kira and I think she gained a lot of confidence in the power and presence of Jesus in her life.  I also think that she will really miss her sister, but that she will be okay when Kalindi goes to camp.

Kali and Kira and I went to the little nursery around the corner from us and picked out flowers for their pots at the front door.  They love picking out the different ones and then planting them in their pots.  We have done this each spring since they came – it is our tradition.  The flowers look cheery and give us all hope that spring is truly around the corner!  We can dream, right? 🙂

Have a wonderful week.


Kalindi-isms May 24, 2009

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Kalindi was very happily explaining to Auntie Lori today that she has “gobbles” that match her swimsuit.  Auntie Lori was very understandingly ignoring the fact that she was saying the word wrong – either that or she didn’t have a clue what Kalindi was talking about!

Overhearing the conversation I corrected Kalindi that the word she was looking for was “goggles” – which I might add I have done at least twenty times since I bought them for her.  🙂 

With that correction, Auntie Lori then knew what Kalindi was referring to.  She told me, “Those are the kind of things that Mommy needs to write down and remember.”

Here are a few other words the girls have trouble pronouncing:

prastick – for practice.  I have worked on this word with Kalindi so many times! 

umbermamella – for umbrella.  This word ends up sounding a lot like their attempt at Cinderella.

Honestly, they are doing so well with their language that it is hard to come up with these examples.  I must admit that I enjoy these little “mistakes” just as much as I enjoyed seeing Kira lose her front teeth.  They are part of the growing up process and they make me smile.  I love being a Mom. 🙂


Kira’s Stories May 23, 2009

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Kira has always felt a little left out when Kalindi will tell stories of things that she remembers of their family.  Kira was too young when she was last with her mom to have memory of it.  She usually will make up a story – always telling me first that she is making it up! – about doing something with her Indian mom or older sister.

Tonight, before bed there was a little misunderstanding and Kira got upset and ran off crying.  I went after her because I felt bad that I said something that made her feel sad.  I apologized to her because I had made a wrong assumption about something and reacted which caused her to be upset.  We hugged and then went back to what we were doing before.

While getting ready for bed, Kira asked to speak with me “privacy” (her word for wanting to speak with me alone).  She said she was sorry for what had happened earlier and we hugged and she told me that she loved that I was her mommy and thanked me for making her feel better.

When I was tucking her in, she asked if she could tell me a story.  I said yes, of course.  She said, “There was a little girl named Kira and her Mom made her feel happy and let her get on her back and we laughed.  I am so happy that she is my Mommy.  The End!”

The look of joy on her face made me feel like the most special person in the whole world!  This wasn’t a “story” this is what really happened.  Now, she has her own stories.  She has expressed so many times lately how happy she is that I am her Mommy.  I have seen in dozens of incidents that she appreciates things that I do for her or just enjoys sitting next to me or on my lap to watch a television show or read a book.  She will grab my hand when we are walking and express how much she loves me.

Many of you might not think this is anything special, but it is!  Kira is attaching to me as her mother.  She is realizing that she can count on me and trust me.  Yeah!  I just love adoption. 🙂


A Few Quotes May 2, 2009

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A few cute things heard around our house lately:

Mom:  “First of all…..”  (In response to a request to do something wherein my response was no.)

Kalindi:  “What is the second of all?”

Very good, huh?  Good grasp of fairly subtle English lanugage understanding, I would say.  We all got a good laugh out of that one.

Kira:  “The princess wants to watch…..oh, I mean, the birthday girl wants….”  🙂 (A Freudian slip?)

Speaking of the birthday girl, she enjoyed her birthday yesterday (Friday, May 1), however, was a little frustrated that she didn’t open presents.  We have a history of opening gifts not on our birthday, but on the day we have the party with family.  Kira’s party is Sunday afternoon, May 3. 

This morning while I was making the breakfast she had asked for, she said to me, “No one has said “Happy Birthday” to me today.”  Ha! 

Enjoy your weekend.  Lori


Quote of the Day April 17, 2009

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At dinner during a discussion as to where the next “Nelson” girl was going to have her wedding:

Kira:  I am not going to Kelsey’s wedding.  I will stay home.

Me:  Why?

Kira:  I don’t want to see the kissing part!


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