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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

The “411” November 5, 2009

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Sorry, we watch “The Parent Trap” (Lindsey Lohan) on a semi-regular basis which is where I got my title. ūüôā¬† If you haven’t figured it out – or you don’t watch this movie! – it means the “information”.

I got to talk with the India Program Director who was just in India visiting with our son and taking photos and videos.  (Video should be arriving this week!)  She said that the sisters at his orphanage describe him as an affectionate boy, bright, active, and interested in everything.  She said that he is a delightful boy and she enjoyed spending time with him.

Levi and Poonam

The little girl¬†sitting next to Levi¬†has just received her album from her family and¬†he is looking at it with her.¬† Isn’t she a doll?¬† I was told that there were photos in this album of all the kids at the orphanage so that is why Levi is so interested.¬†

Levi looking down

Levi is in a special needs orphanage.  As I mentioned, it is a Catholic orphanage which makes me assume there is much less Hindu influence.  She also told me that he understands a lot of English and will definitely speak more of it than the girls did.  That will be a relief, although it might cut down on the funny stories!

India 10-09 099

The above photo is my friend’s favorite.¬† She said it looks like he is praying for his own family to come.¬† I think it is that phenomenon that happens with every child when you ask them to smile and they can only do something extreme because they try too hard.¬† (Or they don’t want their picture taken!)

Some other information we got is that they are going to go ahead and do the surgery that he needs. (We won’t really be¬†sure what other medical or surgical intervention he might need until he comes home and is examined.)¬† I was surprised about this as I just assumed that they would not do it as they know he has a family.¬† But, this orphanage is fortunate in its funding and is able to take really good care of the kids.¬† He does not have the sensation to know when he needs to urinate and this is what they will fix with the surgery.¬† If it is successful, it will certainly make travel and our initial transition much easier if we aren’t dealing with that.

The Lord is sovereign in this situation and we are in prayer that he will watch over Levi and that the doctor would have steady hands and do everything with precision and the outcome will be good.  Please pray with us for this.

India 10-09 082 (2)

I have to say that getting these photos was a bit emotional.¬† We hadn’t seen a new photo for about six months and Levi has grown and matured since then.¬† Lisa says that he is a big, healthy, handsome boy.¬† It is a bit hard seeing him grow up.¬† I remember watching Kalindi lose her front teeth and then¬†grow back in as new photos came and I was so sad that I was missing that milestone with her.

We do know, however, that the Lord’s timing is perfect.¬† He knows the exact day we should meet our son for the first time.¬† We are all preparing ourselves for his arrival and everyone is excited to see how he will change our family dynamic.¬† I have a feeling it is going to get a little bit noisier!

Thank you for stopping by.  Lori


Couldn’t Resist! October 30, 2009

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I finally got my long awaited email with new photos of Levi!  The gal from Journeys of the Heart was in India Рshe got back last week and had promised photos this week.

Here is what she had to say about her visit with him:

I am finally back in the office.  My trip to India was successful and as usual I enjoyed my visits with the children.  I really enjoyed my time with Sangeet.  He is a delightful child.  He is still very busy and curious about everything.   He loved looking at Poonam’s photo album. Poonam is a little girl who will be going home soon to her family.  You will see her in a few of the pictures with Sangeet. I am sure he will be thrilled when he gets his own photo album of his family.  He just woke up from his nap when I went to see him and he was still a little sleepy.      

He seems to have grown and looks older than our last photo and video of him which would have been from last spring.  His hair is cut shorter.  It makes me want them to hurry up before he grows up too much!

I have been promised a video as well.  We also have friends who are in India right now on a mission trip and she happens to work for Journeys of the Heart and will be visiting the orphanage.  She has promised to take photos for me when she sees him. 

Enjoy his beautiful smile:

Levi Sangeet Daniel


Newport! September 21, 2009

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We just had a lovely four day vacation camping at Newport on the Oregon coast.¬† The girls love playing on the beach and they¬†got to¬†play in the sand and water to their hearts’ content!

IMG_9868We also spent time at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  There are so many great exhibits there.  My personal favorites are the jellyfish and also the exhibits on life you find in tide pools.  What I always think about as I look at these amazing and unique creatures, is what a creative and magnificent God Who made them!

We could not have asked for better weather.  It is always a gamble at the coast, but we have found that September and even October can be great months to visit the beach.

Here are some photos from the Oregon Coast Aquarium:

Strawberry Anenome

Strawberry AnenomeJellyfish

If you are interested in more pictures of our trip to the beach, you can see them here in my Flickr album entitled “Newport”.
I am reading a book entitled, “A Chance to Die, The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael” by Elisabeth Elliot.¬† It is a thought provoking¬†book and I have many thoughts on it I intend to blog about.¬† But, for now I will¬†leave you with a quote of Amy Carmichael from the book,
“Satan is so much more in earnest than we are – he buys up the opportunity while we are wondering¬†how much¬†it will cost.”
It is now back to school and regular life!  Have a great week.  Lori

Promised Photos July 31, 2009

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I am sorry things have been so serious here for awhile.  I hope this lightens things up a bit!

I have promised to post some photos for months!  We have had a great summer and here are some photos of our activities so far:

June 1 РKalindi and Kira finishing up a month of swimming lessons



The girls enjoyed swimming so much!  They both made a lot of progress too.  Kalindi has a really good kick (according to her teacher) and she always puts so much effort into everything she does.  It is interesting to me that water is the one place that she lacks her usual daring.  Kira is usually very cautious and careful, but she loses that completely in the water.  She has absolutely no fear!  She needs a little.  They learned a lot, but they have a long way to go.  We are looking forward to getting back to it this fall.

June, Reptile Man with our home school group:


Kira was not at all sure about all those snakes and bugs.¬† I can’t say I blame her!¬† She ran to the back of the room many times, but she did end up petting a few things and I think she was successful in reducing her fear a bit.¬†


June, Camping at the beach:





The girls enjoy helping Daddy fly the kite.  Kira is getting braver on her scooter and will put her back foot up when she coasts.

June 25, Kalindi’s birthday:


Well, that gets you through June.¬† I will upload more later.¬† We have had a good summer so far.¬† It has also been nice that last night cooled down for a change this week so it was pleasant this morning.¬† It isn’t supposed to get quite so hot today.¬† Thank goodness!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Some Fun Pictures February 24, 2009

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Here are my flashlight superheroes.  Do you like their pose?




My Valentine Sweeties:


Kira has a “window”:


I love it when the kids lose their front teeth!  We read a book that referred to the space that is left when you lose a tooth as a window and it has become part of our vocabulary.  The funny thing about that book is that we read it for bedtime the night that Kira came running out after she had been in bed for awhile to announce that she had lost her first tooth!  It was so cute how excited she was.  Whenever she has a loose tooth she wants to read that book. 

Kira’s front teeth have been loose for awhile, but she has been babying them.¬† On Sunday, just after our dedication part of the service, got very enthusiastic about working¬†one of them¬†loose and she got it out.¬† It might have been the incentive of having three grandmas right there ready and willing to give her a “reward”. ūüôā¬†¬†

Have a great day!  Lori


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