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Levi-isms August 1, 2011

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Levi had a pretty good grasp of the English language when he came home with us in March 2011, but there is a lot of vocabulary yet to learn.  There have been a few priceless misuses of words that we have enjoyed.

One of my favorites is the question he asked a friend of mine who was visiting at our home.  She is a cat person.  She loves cats and owns cats.  Levi asked her, “Do you like puppy cats?”  We kind of chuckled and I explained to him that every baby animal has its own name and that a baby cat is called a kitten.  I thought he caught on, he is usually pretty quick about that.

However, at church a few weeks later, Levi was waiting for his Sunday school teacher and asked her sister where she was.  She was explaining to Levi that her sister was still at home taking care of her cow.  (This young lady has a “pet” cow. :-))  Levi then asked her, “Is it a puppy cow?”  That was when I knew my little talk about every baby animal having its own name was not as successful as I thought it was. 🙂

Just recently I bought a badminton set for our backyard.  The kids had played the game at a friends house and had a lot of fun so when I saw them on sale I purchased one.  The first night Kevin put up the net we all played and had a great time.  The next day I heard Levi asking his sisters if they wanted to go outside and play “bad man tennis”.  That just cracks me up!  Doesn’t that just conjure up the funniest picture?


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