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J. C. Ryle Quotes November 22, 2010

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I have recently found a blog that I am so encouraged by.  I get their posts emailed to me and I always find something of value in the wisdom of the author they quote.  The blog is called, J. C. Ryle Quotes.  Here is today’s quote that I received, but check out the site and sign up to get it delivered to your email if you would appreciate timeless insight, biblical instruction, and encouragement from the Anglican pastor and author who lived from 1816 to 1900.  I loved this comment from a site which offered a short biography of J. C. Ryle:

Time has a way of winnowing the important from the superficial; the permanent from the transitory. Most books published in 2006 will be out of print in 10 years. However, many authors — such as Arthur W. Pink and C.S. Lewis, who were relatively unknown in their generations — have become increasingly influential with the passing of time.

I think J.C. Ryle fits in this category.  His writing is so accessable and feels so relevant to my life right now.  I love to read classic authors and sometimes it can be so hard to slog through their use of words.  You can really enjoy what they have to say, but because of the time in which they lived and the style of communication it can take a lot of effort to read and absorb what they are saying.  Not so with J. C. Ryle.  If you have never read anything authored by him you should begin with Holiness.  I am almost finished with this book and wish I had read it twenty years ago!  It is amazing. 

Here is todays quote from J.C. Ryle Quotes blog which they entitled, “Never Beyond the Reach of Christ’s Care”.

Wherever we may be, or whatever our circumstances, the Lord Jesus sees them. Alone, or in company–in sickness or in health–by sea or by land–in perils in the city–in perils in the wilderness–the same eye which saw the disciples tossed on the lake, is ever looking at us. We are never beyond the reach of His care. Our way is never hidden from Him. He knows the path that we take, and is still able to help. He may not come to our aid at the time we like best, but He will never allow us utterly to fail. He who walked upon the water never changes. He will always come at the right time to uphold His people. Though He tarry, let us wait patiently. Jesus sees us, and will not forsake us.

~ J.C. Ryle

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: Mark, [Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1985], 131.

I hope this gives you encouragement today as it did for me.  Lori


Cholera Situation in Haiti November 17, 2010

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I just had to share as I got a new post from a wonderful ministry in Haiti – Real Hope For Haiti – and what they are facing as cholera has reached their town.  It is very serious and they need donations and they need prayer.

Here is a portion of the recent post:

Things are getting more serious here in Cazale with the Cholera outbreak.  There were 2 children that died in the RC this AM.  We had 17 other children that were very sick with vomiting and diarrhea.  We were slightly overwhelmed.

I wanted to try to explain something to everyone.  We live about a 45 minute drive to the next bigger town.  This town has a center set up for Cholera patients.   Someone asked  “Why don’t you just send them there?”  Well people-we have had several come in that are near death. Over 10 people that we could not even get BP to register on.  One lady was not breathing and we somehow brought her back.  This is a serious illness that does not allow for a lot of time to get to a treatment facility.  So many people live back in the mountains and have to walk hours to get medical treatment.  Many are dying because of this.  They just do not have enough time to get help.

Please do take the time to check out the entire post and donate if you are able.  This family has been in Haiti for a very long time – about fifteen years.   They have an established ministry and the people there trust them and count on them.  This country has been through so much already!


I Got Some News! November 7, 2010

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I am anxious to share this story with you because I am still in awe as to what God has done – and I am sure will continue to do. I have been amazed with how personal and gracious God is to His children.

Here is the email I sent to family and friends on Friday, November 5:

I just had to share how the Lord has answered our prayers in regards to Levi’s adoption.  It has been a really hard wait and through the agony of wondering if it was even going to happen it brought me to my knees more than usual and has caused my faith to increase immeasurably.  I feel I was ready for whatever God’s answer would be.

 I heard from Lisa (our adoption agency’s India director) this morning who has just recently returned from India.  I had worried about not hearing anything from her knowing that she would be in Delhi on Oct. 18 and could have news anytime after that.  When I didn’t hear anything I was assuming it would be bad news.  We were burdened the entire month of October to pray for her trip and for the outcome of our case.  It turns out that she needed our prayers!  In addition to having her own personal problems – like her only credit card she took for the trip would not work anywhere except ATMs in banks – she also was having trouble connecting with the Sister in charge of Levi’s orphanage.  I have to wonder if the lady was dodging her calls because she didn’t want to give her bad news.

 She finally got in touch with them two days before she was supposed to leave Delhi!  She told the head nun, Sister Danietta, that she needed an answer – that our family could not wait forever not knowing what would happen with this adoption.  She told Lisa that the answer was no, that she did not think our case would be approved and so Lisa should come and pick up our dossier.  Lisa said that she was devastated and cried and prayed all night.  Lisa has felt in her heart that we are Levi’s last hope for a family.  She arrived the next day to pick up our paperwork and she was greeted by a nun, Sister Antea, who had told her on a previous visit that Levi (Sangeet) had a special place in her heart and that she had prayed for a family for him ever since he arrived there.  She told Lisa that she had personally called the lawyer with the intent of advocating for our family with him!  This is amazing to me on many levels.  The lawyer told her that yes, he thought that since the other case had just been decided favorably in the Supreme Court our case would be approved.  He also said that the government has appointed a special committee to look at and approve adoption dossiers so that things could get moving along in court as MANY adoptions have been hung up due to judges being reluctant to pass cases for various reasons.  The answer is YES!  I am in awe of God’s working in this way for us.

 We had no idea what kind of battle was being fought in India for Levi and yet as we prayed, the Lord was fighting it for us.  This is also an especially appropriate date for us to get this news as today is Grant’s birthday.  This is an emotional time for us and I had almost been afraid to ask God to give us an answer this week.  I feel incredibly loved by Him that He granted that answer to me today.

The one disappointing thing is that she had no time to be able to go visit him and get photos or video.  I can take that disappointment with our other news!  She said she would do her best to get someone to do that for us as soon as possible.

 I have no idea how quickly or slowly things will move.  I am only immensely grateful that I can say that they are MOVING at all!  Please pray for a quick approval and that we would be able to gather any documents quickly that they require to be updated as our dossier is a year old.  Please also continue to pray for Levi.  He does not know about us and he will not be told until we have that formal approval.

 I am seriously having to pinch myself to remind myself that this is really happening.  I feel like we have been in limbo for so long and now we can move forward with the assumption that Levi will be coming home with us very soon.  We want to thank all of you for your love and support, prayers and encouragement.  We love you very much!

I am still walking around with a feeling of awe that God has done this for us and for Levi.  It isn’t just that He did it, it is HOW He did it.  He knows us, He loves us, and He wants good for us! 

There is still a long road ahead.  At least I can now say that the process has begun!  I told a friend that it feels like I have had my bags packed for a year – ready for a trip that I haven’t been able to start.  We are now beginning the journey that will eventually bring Levi into our home.  He is already deeply in our hearts.

When we get to India, you can bet that we will have a special hug for Sister Antea, a woman who has loved our son and has acted as an advocate for him and refused to give up.  I want to thank her for being a faithful instrument in the Father’s hands.


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