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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

Life – As it is Now March 22, 2011

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Things are going really well.  Levi Sangeet is a positive, happy boy and we are enjoying his laughter and his sense of humor.  He has adjusted so well it has surprised me.  You expect things to be tough at first.  I think his personality, coupled with his readiness to be part of a family, mixed with his adoring sisters who dote on him has made his transition seamless.

He really is funny and it is a pleasure to see him joke around and tease with his sisters and his Dad.  It just seems like he has been with us for a lot longer than two weeks.  I feel like God really answered our prayers about him being ready for a family.

We have done school this week and he is very eager to work as well as loves to hear praise for how well he has done.  And, he really is doing well.  He has received a good education and I feel so lucky that I can just pick up where they were and continue.  He knows his letters and their sounds, can count (and write) over thirty, he knows the days of the week and the months of the year.  He knows his colors and quite a lot of vocabulary in English.  We have not had any trouble communicating.  I might say something and he will say, “Means?” when he doesn’t know the word I used or he can’t figure out the context. 

My one moment of sadness came when I thought of our son, Grant, and how his laugh would light up our home.  I really miss him.  Every day.  But, when there is something wonderful happening I really wish he were here to share it with us.   He would have made such a great big brother.

One thing that is always hard when you have just been at an orphanage to pick up your child is all of those faces you see left behind.  The need is so great.  I will NOT tell you that adoption is easy and that there is no cost.  It is hard.  And, it will cost you – in every way you can imagine.  But, it is a choice that will bless you and grow you in ways you cannot believe. 

If you are in a mind to consider adoption or know someone who is, please visit the waiting child page of our adoption agency, Journeys of the Heart.  These are the kids that are older or have a special need of some sort.  People aren’t lining up to adopt these kids.  Their opportunities and futures are at best uncertain.  At the very least, please pray for them.  Pray for their health and their well-being, for caregivers who will show them love, for God to place a burden in hearts to consider adopting them.

We are so blessed!  Aren’t they beautiful?  Inside and out!!


5 Responses to “Life – As it is Now”

  1. Stephanie Stirm Says:

    Lori, Reading this blog posting made me smile and cry at the same time! I am so very happy for you that Levi Sangeet is fitting in so beautifully. I too was struck with how similar your description is of his sense of humor and fun to how I remember Grant as a young boy! I am certain there is rejoicing in heaven that you once again have a laughing boy in the house and that you have provided a loving Christian home for one of God’s precious children.

    You are an amazing woman and an incredible mom!

    Love to you and the family,

  2. Kelly Bard Says:

    So happy for you all and that Levi Sangeet is adjusting so well. What a blessing!

  3. Beth Keeler Says:

    Yes, indeed they are beautiful…..all four of them!! And you and Kevin are such a blessing to me. I admire you both so very much. You are all still in our prayers.

  4. Kathy Says:

    So happy for you all. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a little face with such a huge smile that almost eclipses the rest of his features. What a dear. He seems to be so grateful and full of the joy of Jesus!!!! Congratulations to all 4 of you.

    Blessing to you all and to all who are left, that they will know the presence of the Lord as they wait.


  5. Bobbi Schneider Says:

    They are beautiful indeed! How blessed you are to have had your family grow as it has. I can’t wait to here Levi Sangeet’s laugh and I am just so happy for all of you. =D


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