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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

India – Day Two March 16, 2011

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March 8, 2011

Hello again everyone!

Today was a much better day if only for the sleep that we got!  Lori J. commented on how tired we looked and boy, was she right!  My goodness were we tired.  We also had so much that we had to do and it was hard to process it all.  I wish we had a good night’s sleep under our belts before we had met Levi, but it was what it was.  And, honestly, it was pretty good.  It is an odd thing meeting someone you feel like you know because of photos and thinking about praying about them for a long tiime.  But, you really don’t know them.  And, he has only known about us since Jan. 24. 

Last night after we had rested and all took a short nap in our room – I looked over at Levi sitting at the desk coloring and I saw a tear sliding down his face.  There was nothing on his face to tell me that something was wrong.  I got a tissue and wiped the tear and asked him if he was okay.  He nodded his head.  I went back to what I was doing and looked back to see a lot of tears.  This time he broke down.  It was hard to watch, but in all honesty it is a really good thing.  It means that he is beginning to grieve.  I was also really impressed that he could tell me what was wrong.  He explained that he missed the Sisters (nuns at the orphanage) and wanted to see them.  Actually, what he wanted was for me to call them – he had them write their phone numbers down for him!  🙂  Can you imagine a nun with a cell phone?  Well, they do.

I did call and told them that he was very sad and missing them and could they talk to him.  I am afraid that all they told him was to stop crying – that it would be wrong to cry.  I do not feel that way.  In fact, we were able to visit there today – he had been taken to the main orphanage where we had picked him up so he needed to go back to his orphanage to say goodbye to the sisters who have taken care of him for the last few years and to his friends.  He was so excited to arrive that he was telling the driver directions.  He seriously knew how to get there from quite a ways away.  This kid does not miss a thing!  He is quite amazing with what he notices. 

He was literally bouncing around the place taking us to every room.  He did look sad when we left and I told him that it was okay to be sad.  He should feel sad.  I also told him that it was okay to be happy about his new family and it was okay to be looking forward to a new life. 

Lori J. asked about his English.  It isn’t great, but it is okay.  He understands a lot and he can speak enough English to communicate what is important.  He is like a sponge and will pick up the language in no time.  We went shopping today and we had the same driver as yesterday.  He is a very nice man and took to Levi right away.  We stopped to take in the India Gate and the parliament buildings and take some photos.  Our driver, Bisht, wanted us to take a photo of him with Levi.  We went shopping at a small Emporium with several levels with different goods.  Levi made friends in each level and had someone give him a bottle of coke, as well as offer him lunch.  The whole staff was at the door waving and saying goodbye to him as we left.  He tends to attract a crowd wherever we go. 

There are many behavioral things that we will need to address at home.  Whenever we correct him and tell him not to do something Indian people always tell us, “Oh, don’t tell him no.  It is okay.”  I think that is the way they raise kids around here.  Nothing too horrible – just normal kid stuff.  And, yes, he is busy – active – whatever you want to call it.  He can’t sit still for long without drumming on something or singing to himself all the while fidgeting.  He will definitely liven up our home.  Just consider this a warning to anyone who sits around us at church!

He is very anxious to go home and meet his sisters.  He has watched their little videos we took before we left of them saying hi and that they are looking forward to meeting him.  Kelsey, Kalindi, and Kira – Levi is very anxious to meet you!!  When we said we were going to see the sisters today he got all excited and said, “Kelsey, Kalindi, and Kira?  Go home airplane?”  We had to explain what we meant and that we won’t be leaving for a few days.

We have not talked with him about his name.  We are thinking we will tomorrow, but we don’t want to rush it. 

We bought some fun things to bring home!  Girls – you are going to LOVE what we bought you.  We have plans to do more shopping and a little sight seeing.  Our driver is very accomodating and knows how to get around this crazy city.  Tomorrow we have to go back to the hospital to have Levi’s TB test site checked – nothing is showing – YEAH – and then back to the Embassy to hopefully complete that.  Our guide here, Madhu, who is helping us with the adoption formalities is great.  We just follow her around and do what she says.  It makes it quite easy.  It would be a bit intimidating to do these things on our own.

We plan to come back to the hotel tomorrow and just hang around here and swim and play.  It is warm here – about 80 – just right and not humid.  We are feeling very thankful for that! 

We love you all and thank you again for your notes and your prayers.  We feel God with us and He has laid out our path.  We know that He has or will equip us to do whatever lies ahead.


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