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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

India – Day Four March 16, 2011

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**To be fair to our airline – this issue did end up getting resolved and they did change the ticket.  I do not want to malign the company in any way.  Thank you KLM!!  I only include this excerpt so that you can know our frame of mind with all that was going on.** 

March 10, 2011

We went to bed last night not knowing what the airline’s decision would be on Sangeet’s plane ticket. We were told that his ticket would have to be cancelled (that they could not just change the name on the ticket) and that it was a full flight and there would be no way to purchase another ticket. I don’t know if that was because there is a waiting list or what. The travel agent was not being very helpful as all we wanted them to do was for them to call KLM and explain that we are adopting and we had no way of knowing that our last name would be on his passport. They finally did this and at 1:00 am (our time) Kevin was taking photos of our guardianship order and Sangeet’s passport as was requested by KLM. We still do not know what their decision is although we have checked in with the travel agent and they have not yet heard from KLM. Very frustrating!

We aren’t completely sure, but are assuming everything will be okay with our legal documents not having Kevin’s name right. The attorney here is preparing a letter for us explaining the error in case we need that at the airport. We should be able to pick that up tomorrow. If they notice and say something then we will pull that out. Luckily, it is correct on one of the documents so that should help. Maybe they won’t even notice! Let’s all pray that way, okay.

You might think we are freaking out about these things, but we are not. We are concerned and we are trying to do all that we can to be prepared, but we know this is in the Lord’s hands and there is very little control we have in making this all work out anyway. We do, however, appreciate your prayers.

We talked with Sangeet last night about changing his name. He was not too happy about it at first. I explained some things to him about our thinking on it and asked him if Sangeet could be his name when he is in India and Levi could be his first name in America. He seemed like he could think about that. We will see what decision he comes to. We did ask if we could call him Sangeet Levi for now. He said that was okay.

We had another discussion about his name this morning. Earlier in the day he was happy to be called Sangeet Levi, but later today he said, “Levi, no! Name Sangeet!”. Later today he was saying that we could call him Levi Sangeet. This is an evolving situation! :-).

We did a lot of shopping today and drove by the Red Fort in the old part of Delhi. Kevin and I were laughing at what we are calling the “Delhi four-way stop”. You will never see this phenomenon in the U.S. The roads at this intersection without a traffic light held three to four lanes of traffic each way. (Another Delhi phenomena is that the lane lines are just there for decoration.) Picture a packed road, wall to wall vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, etc. Everyone is heading from every direction through the intersection at the same time – seriously at the SAME time. A mass of moving vehicles all honking their horns. It isn’t smooth and it is definitely not organized, but eventually everyone emerges on the other side. It is hilarious! Kevin said it was more like a four-way game of chicken.

We went to the pool today after our shopping. Although it is plenty warm enough to swim, they do not heat the pool. It was a balmy 56 degrees. There was a portion of the pool where it was quite shallow for little kids. Sangeet walked around this area in the water. Then we got out and walked to another place and as we are watching him head for the side and we are saying, “No, wait!” he slipped right in (on purpose) and over his head. Luckily Kevin wasn’t too far away and grabbed him, but the look on his face before he went under was very scared. I hope he learned a lesson. We have been reinforcing the lesson of listening to us and asking before he barrels in to do something. Believe me, there is a lot of impulsive “barreling” going on!

We do think he is a very special boy. He is very bright, observant, and friendly. His disposition is naturally happy – just like his sister Kira. If he survives childhood he may become a doctor or engineer or something! 🙂

Tomorrow is our last day in India and we are quite ready to be heading home! Sangeet is very anxious to meet his sisters and to be on the airplane. We’ll see how long that lasts. :-). That flight is not fun for me so I can imagine how hard it is on a kid.

We will be leaving our hotel tomorrow night at 10:00 pm so that we have three hours for security and immigration. Last time we were not even through after three hours. I keep hoping that things have improved since three years ago.

We love you all and so appreciate your prayers! Thank you so much. Love, Lori


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