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Soap for Levi March 18, 2010

Filed under: Adoption,Fund Raising — Lori @ 10:15 am

Greenfield Soap Company

I am overwhelmed with the gesture of my friend, Susan, who makes beautiful and natural handmade soaps.  She has offered to do a promotion on her website to help us raise money for Levi’s adoption expenses.

Using this link you can order any kind of soap that she offers on her website and a portion of the sale will be donated to our adoption fund.  I have used her soap for some time and it is wonderful!

Some information from Susan’s website about her soap:

…….And that is why I make Greenfield Soap Co.’s luxurious bars of soap thoughtfully and carefully, in small batches with naturally occurring and plant-based ingredients only.  I do NOT use artificial colorings or synthetic preservatives or fragrances, and I make Greenfield Soap using the cold process method, so each bar retains glycerin, a naturally occurring moisturizer.  Each bar of Greenfield Soap also contains a high percentage of olive oil for its moisturizing, healing, and gentle cleansing properties.  Coconut oil imparts a generous lathering quality, and palm oil helps to make the soap long-lasting and stable.  It is my desire and joy to infuse each bar of Greenfield Soap with nature’s aroma and conditioning qualities, and the results are beautiful bars of soap, gentle and sudsy and especially good for sensitive skin!

I have put a permanent link in my “Adoption Fundraising” section on the right hand side for Greenfield Soap Co.  Thank you for reading and as Susan would say – Be Clean! 🙂


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