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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

Some Adoption News February 26, 2010

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I wanted to update those of you who are keeping up with our adoption of Levi.  I heard from our adoption agency today – Lisa, the India director called me.  She had some hopeful news for me, although we are still in a holding pattern.

I don’t know why, but I had understood when she talked to me last that the orphanage and the attorney for the orphanage were not sure about us as an adoptive family for Levi.  What they weren’t sure about wasn’t us, they weren’t sure about the judge letting our case go through.

She assured me that the attorney was dedicated to making sure our case goes through and that he will do all that he needs to in order for that to happen.  Which, at this point, includes our paperwork being stalled in immigration.  While it sits there the attorney knows that it can’t get passed through CARA which would automatically put our case into court.  The problem with that is that this judge has thrown out a case for this orphanage for a family who has three children and assume he will do the same for our case.  So, by holding our case back he is making sure we have the best chance of getting our case through when the time is right.  The outcome of the other family’s case which is in a higher court is what we are waiting for.  When it passes – which they think it will – then this district court judge should let ours through so that he doesn’t have another case go to the higher court and reverse his decision.

Lisa also told me that the sisters at Missionaries of Charity orphanage were thrilled about our family adopting Levi (Sangeet) and were so pleased that we were a Christian family.  She also said that she would ask the sisters when she is there in April if she can give Levi our photo album and he can know about our family and start to get used to the idea.  She said she will see what they think about it, knowing that it might be harder for him because no one knows how long this will take.

That was so encouraging to us!  Knowing that the orphanage and their attorney is working to do all they can to get our case through court gives us great hope that this will go through.  Knowing they are on our side is a big deal for us.

I was also told that Levi hasn’t had his surgery yet.  I am not sure if they are still planning on doing that or not.

We would so appreciate your continued prayers for Levi and that we would wait with patience and trust – knowing that the Lord is in complete control of all things including the timing.  We may never be able to look back and know why God had us wait.  If nothing else I know that He has been doing a work in my heart and is helping me to a greater degree of trust in His sovereignty and loving care of us.


2 Responses to “Some Adoption News”

  1. Lisa Henderson Says:

    Yea! That’s definitely some good news! I’ll be praying on the timing!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Oh Lori,
    I was so encouraged to hear the news…I know that you are still in a “holding pattern” and that is not easy..but my heart was rejoicing with you that it looks a bit more like a “wait” than a “no”….praying that God will continue to “keep you in perfect peace as your mind is steadfast because you trust in Him”!!!

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