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Two Year Anniversary February 23, 2010

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I can hardly believe that February 23 is our two year anniversary of bringing Kalindi and Kira home.  Time has flown in so many ways.  The girls have changed so much in two years.  We brought home these two tiny, skinny, quiet girls who were smaller than their ages and knew hardly any English.  Now they are healthy, taller, and not so quiet! 🙂  And, their English is very good.  I can’t even remember those early days when it was so hard to communicate.

We were watching a video of them laughing and playing with some fold up cubes that we got out for them the first week they were home and they were chattering away in Hindi.  The girls were watching as well and we asked them if they knew what they were saying and they had NO idea.  Can you imagine?  That is just amazing to me.  What must that feel like for them?  I wonder if they even recognize themselves in that video?

You know that feeling of nostalgia as you watch your kids grow up?  You long for the days when they were little and things were less complicated.  Well, adopting older children is even harder in that respect.  It seems like it has been on fast forward ever since they got here.  I find that I cannot part with the size 5/6 clothes that I had purchased for Kira.  It is the silliest thing!

There is something so sweet about the sounds in our home – not to mention the car!  Or church.  Ahem.  Yes, that WAS them yesterday squealing (and possibly screaming) as they giggled and played a game of “soccer” with a ping pong ball with a friend and one of the men of our church in the fellowship hall.  People at church have mentioned how they can see the girls’ love and trust build towards us over the last two years.  That has been precious for us to see happening as well.

I went to the grocery store tonight after dinner and got home about the time they start getting ready for bed.  They came running to the garage door all excited that I was home.  Kira said, “I missed you Mom and thought I wouldn’t be able to kiss you goodnight!”  She will often come up for a hug and say that she “misses” me which is so cute because we are together all day long every day.  I think she is making up for many years of not having a mommy.

We had our oven fixed last week and the girls were carrying on a conversation with the repairman.  They asked him pretty much any question you can think of about his wife, children, etc.  So, he asked them about our family and they said, “We have three sisters and two brothers in our family.”  They count Grant and Levi as their brothers – neither of which they have met.  I think that is so sweet.

We feel so blessed that God brought these two precious girls into our family.  Sure, there have been some hard times and some adjustment, but I can honestly say that it has been so much more of a blessing.  Our best friends were over on Sunday night and the wife said that it seemed like the girls have always been here.  I know what she means.  They fit right in.  That is SO the Lord!


4 Responses to “Two Year Anniversary”

  1. Vashti Says:

    They are so beautiful! Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

  2. Lisa Henderson Says:

    They are both SO BEAUTIFUL and you can see how happy and content they are. God has really used you in their lives! I’d love to see a photo showing them before adoption to compare with this one! It always touches my heart so much to see the difference that love makes…


  3. Kristin Says:

    Thanks, Lori for letting us join in celebrating your two year anniversary with the girls!!! The pictures are just amazing. The girls are so beautiful and it is so precious to hear that their beauty is INSIDE and out!!!

    I loved what you shared about who the girls say is in your family…including their brothers. Boy, kids say exactly what our hearts often want to but we don’t always know how and we think we have to explain so much more…they just accept it and it become a part of life…and I love that!

  4. Your girls are so beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful story! It is so great! amber

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