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Before and After February 23, 2010

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By request, I am posting a photo of the girls when they first came home and one of them this Christmas.  It is not only great to see the change in height and weight, but in their countenance.

Kalindi and Kira in India just before we flew home:

February, 2008 - New Delhi

Kalindi and Kira just home:

Home! February 2008

At their first doctor appointment, days after coming home, Kalindi was 51″ tall and weighed 50 lbs. at ten years old.  Kira was 45″ tall and weighed 41.5 lbs. at six years of age.

Kalindi and Kira now:

Kalindi measured 59″ tall (growth of eight inches) and 83 lbs. (gain of 33 lbs.) this February 2010 at 11 years old. 

Kira measured 55″ tall (growth of 10 inches) and 64 lbs. (gain of 22.5 lbs.) this February 2010 at seven years old.

In case you notice a discrepancy of ages and time – we had the girls stay the age the Indian doctor gave them (they had no birth records) when they had their first birthday here.  They were so small and behind for their ages, we wanted to give them time to catch up.  The catch up wasn’t just in height and weight, but in learning a new language and culture and also in education.  We are now feeling like Kalindi is on target for an almost twelve-year-old.  She is getting her twelve-year molars and has the body development of an adolescent. 

Kira seems like she is probably eight, about to turn nine, instead of being seven about to turn eight.  But, who cares.  Other than the fact that she is taller than all her Sparky teammates!  She can thank me when she is 29 and gets an extra year before she turns 30. 🙂 

Now maybe you can see what I mean about mourning their quick growing up.  Luckily, Kira is still a lap girl and loves her snuggles with Mom.


One Response to “Before and After”

  1. Lisa Henderson Says:

    Thank you! They look so much more relaxed…and LOVED! Amazing growth…I bet Peter has grown a similar amount since he came home. The difference a Mama makes! :o)

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