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Ooooo! Another Great Project December 9, 2009

Filed under: Faith,Ministries — Lori @ 1:55 pm

I just received an email from Biblical Training’s website alerting me to a fund raising project they are working on.  If you haven’t heard of Biblical Training, they are a website that provides quality Biblical training through audio of teaching sessions by well-known and respected professors for free. 

The email I recently received mentioned a project they are working on to raise money to build orphanages in India through South Asian Institute who runs a school in Coimbatore, India, which is a place for training pastors and to serve as a research center for other teachers.  They also plant churches all over India.

South Asian Insitutes’ goal is to build eight orphanages which will hold 32 children, four to a room, and an apartment for house parents.  Each house costs $60,000 to build and Biblical Training (dot) org has asked to raise money for one of these homes. 


A few of the first 22 orphans headed for the first orphanage built.


The first of eight planned orphanages at the South Asian Institute.

Please consider giving to this worthy cause and helping one of these orphanage homes to be built.  Thank you for giving to the poor and helpless this Christmas season!


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