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No More Orphans? November 4, 2009

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Please read this post at Abba Fund by Jason Kovaks entitled How Many Christians Would it Take to Adopt All the Adoptable Orphans in the World?

He states that according to statistics, there are about 40 – 50 million adoptable orphans in the world.  He goes on to report:

As for Christians, according to Mission Frontiers, globally there are:

Christian Believers — 800 million who have been born again into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Other Christians — 1.37 billion who consider themselves Christians because they come from a Christian culture.

Culturally near non-Christians — 1.8 billion are not yet Christians but live in a people where a viable, indigenous church movement has been established.

Therefore, if roughly 6% of the born again Christians in the world adopted we could care for all the adoptable orphans in the world (I have heard 7% used and that might be true as well).

Either way you add it up, there are way too many orphans worldwide and way too many Christians to not believe we can make a difference!

Now me:  What a difference we could make if we all took this to heart!  This is not an insurmountable problem.  Please consider getting involved with adoption or orphan care in some way.


One Response to “No More Orphans?”

  1. Kristin Says:

    The stats really are pretty crazy when you think about them! One child at a time…it’s neat to see what God is doing…and neat to think about what He is going to do…even through this Sunday’s orphan awareness!!

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