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Couldn’t Resist! October 30, 2009

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I finally got my long awaited email with new photos of Levi!  The gal from Journeys of the Heart was in India – she got back last week and had promised photos this week.

Here is what she had to say about her visit with him:

I am finally back in the office.  My trip to India was successful and as usual I enjoyed my visits with the children.  I really enjoyed my time with Sangeet.  He is a delightful child.  He is still very busy and curious about everything.   He loved looking at Poonam’s photo album. Poonam is a little girl who will be going home soon to her family.  You will see her in a few of the pictures with Sangeet. I am sure he will be thrilled when he gets his own photo album of his family.  He just woke up from his nap when I went to see him and he was still a little sleepy.      

He seems to have grown and looks older than our last photo and video of him which would have been from last spring.  His hair is cut shorter.  It makes me want them to hurry up before he grows up too much!

I have been promised a video as well.  We also have friends who are in India right now on a mission trip and she happens to work for Journeys of the Heart and will be visiting the orphanage.  She has promised to take photos for me when she sees him. 

Enjoy his beautiful smile:

Levi Sangeet Daniel


2 Responses to “Couldn’t Resist!”

  1. sarah bess Says:

    beautiful boy!!!

  2. Melinda Says:

    He is so adorable Lori! Love his beautiful smile! I will be praying for a quick process so you can get your litttle boy home soon. Thanks for your help with the homeschooling issues we were having. I would definitly love to hear more about what you are doing currently with your girls. You can email me at

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