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Our Dossier is on its way! October 28, 2009

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I was notified that our dossier left for India yesterday, Tuesday, October 27.  This is a very exciting step for our adoption and we would really appreciate your prayers!

Please continue praying for Levi’s heart to be prepared for a family.  When I got the child study with our official referral I found out that he was relinquished at about a month old – reason listed was poverty.  I asked the gal from the agency that works with the orphanages and visits India often to please see what she could find out about his history.  They purposefully put very little information in the files.

She was just in India and I was promised some new photos this week!  I am trying very hard to be patient waiting to see his happy face again.

Please also pray for the path of our paperwork.  God is in control of every hand that touches it and we rest in that knowledge.  Pray for speed and accuracy for all involved.

Pray also for our family to be prepared.  We are clearing out his room to get it ready for him and need to purchase some things for his bed – well, a bed would be good! – but, also bedding, etc.  That process is making it all the more real for all of us.

The other night at dinner, Kalindi was wondering aloud where Levi would sit when he came home.  Kevin made a comment that maybe Kira should move to the other side of the table with Kelsey so that Levi could sit by me.  Kira got very quiet – she is mama’s girl.  Kalindi – who always notices everything – quickly suggested that she move to sit by Kelsey so that Levi could sit where she does (on my other side at the end).  Kira began breathing again and added her vote that that sounded like a good idea to her! 🙂  I think that Kira may be the one who will have the most trouble with this.  She is the baby and I think she rather likes it! 

However, Kira was talking to me the other day and telling me that she would be a big sister when Levi came and that she could help him and take care of him and play with him.  So, I think she is starting to consider that being a big sister is not such a bad thing after all!

The other night during our prayer time, Kalindi prayed, “Please help us not get cabin fever – no! – I don’t mean cabin fever.  That cold that everyone is getting!”  It was so funny.  I about couldn’t contain myself.  I don’t know where that came from because we haven’t watched Muppet Treasure Island in a while.  If you haven’t seen it, the cabin fever song is a highlight!

The girls and I shopped for some winter clothes yesterday afternoon/evening.  I must say that it would have been great to have a shopping assistant!  They really love the whole shopping process – picking things out, trying them on.  Things were flying everywhere and I was trying to keep everyone’s piles straight.  We made our first stop Goodwill, which we did find a few good buys, but not to the extent I was hoping to find.  It is hit or miss with sizes there.  I think we got everything that they need for the season so that felt good.  I had been putting this off for a while since I got sick and hadn’t felt like doing it.  I even found some pretty Christmas dresses and shoes for church.

Thanks for reading!  Lori


2 Responses to “Our Dossier is on its way!”

  1. Kristin Says:

    So exciting, Lori!!!! I remember the pure joy of knowing our dossier was officially leaving the US!!!!

    We will be praying for the “path” of all your papers!!! So excited that you get some more pictures of sweet Levi! 🙂

    What colors are you planning for Levi’s room? 🙂

  2. sarah bess Says:

    Hugs to you. Soon he’ll be all settled in. How I wish all abandoned kids could go to families like yours!!

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