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A Visit to the Eye Doctor October 8, 2009

Filed under: Just Silly,Kids,Life — Lori @ 10:17 pm

Kalindi had an appointment at the eye doctor today for a routine exam.  Her tutor suggested that we get her eyesight checked out.  I watched her do her session with the tutor this morning and she held her head very close to her page as she concentrated on the words she was trying to read.

It seemed like a good idea to have her checked out after I saw her doing that.  I also have noticed that she rocks back and forth when she is trying to read – no clue what that means!  Other than she is concentrating.  No matter what, it seemed like it was worth having her tested.

I had one worry about the test.  Sometimes Kalindi isn’t all too sure of which letter is which.  Not every letter, but there are a few letters that she gets stumped on at times.  So, when they started with the letter chart, I kind of held my breath.  She was doing very well, however, I had to smile because she wasn’t saying the letters, she was sounding them.  She didn’t try to sound them into a word, she sounded them like we do when we practice our phonics.  I was actually impressed that she knew what most of them were!  Yeah for phonics. 🙂

Edited to add:  That cracks me up!  I did not tell you what the eye doctor said about her vision, did I?  Thanks Kristin for pointing that out to me.  He said her eyesight was perfectly normal and her holding her head very close to the page might just be that she has developed a bad habit in trying to concentrate on what a word is.  Sorry about that!


2 Responses to “A Visit to the Eye Doctor”

  1. Kristin Says:

    So, what is the verdict? Is she in need of glasses? 🙂

  2. Lori Says:

    So funny! I got distracted and didn’t give the “ending” to the story. 🙂 Her eyesight is very normal. I will edit my post to add that.

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