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Sponsor a Child September 23, 2009

Filed under: Adoption,Faith,India,Ministries,Sarah's Covenant Homes — Lori @ 12:31 pm

I want to once again bring your attention to a wonderful ministry in India to orphans.  The blog where you can read about what is going on there is linked in my sidebar, Sarah’s Covenant Homes.

Sarah has recently been writing up profiles on all her children and is looking for regular monthly sponsors to help cover the costs of taking care of these kids and providing them with the home, education, food, and healthcare that they need and deserve. 

This isn’t like just any child sponsorship program.  Sarah blogs almost daily about what is going on in her two homes and gives you glimpses into life in India as well as the special personalities of each child or young adult she cares for.  This is a ministry that truly cares about the children and giving them a home and a family.  It is really special.

You can click a link on the sidebar at Sarah’s blog to donate by PayPal, or there is an address where you can send a check if that is easier.  She has figured that it takes $150 a month to support a child for daily regular expenses – this does not include surgeries or extra medical care. 

Please prayerfully consider helping out with Sarah’s Covenant Homes’ monthly expenses.  Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated.  What a blessing it would be to watch the progress of a specific child you are helping to sponsor and see how God is using your gift to change that child’s life! 

These are the Lord’s children and precious in His sight.  Thank you for considering sponsoring a child at Sarah’s Covenant Homes.


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