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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

Adoption Progress July 23, 2009

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Our home study is in draft form and waiting for approval from Journeys of the Heart.  I have filled out and sent my I-800A (the immigration approval form) and a check for that fee to JOH for them to send in as soon as the home study is approved and signed and notarized by the social worker.  Yeah!  Please pray that this will be done quickly and that it won’t take long for us to get our fingerprint appointment. 

That part shouldn’t be an issue.  At this time, because of the new Hague requirements, the approval after the fingerprinting is what is taking so much time.  This wait has been between two and three months.  This is the wait that we are praying will be shortened.  We cannot send our dossier (packet of paperwork for the Indian courts) to India until we have the official approval from Homeland Security for immigration.  Of course, we pray for all of this in God’s will knowing that His plan is perfect and we rest in that knowledge.

Things you can pray with us for:

1.  Pray that Levi will be safe and healthy and that the Lord will be preparing his heart to be in our family.  Pray also that his heart would be receptive to the Holy Spirit and he would be ready to hear about Jesus!

2.  Pray that God will be in control of all paperwork, all government officials that will touch our paperwork, and the timing of every step along the way.

3.  Pray that I will receive the certified copies of my birth certificate from California.  I sent in the request over a month ago and have not received them back.

3.  Pray that I will be thorough and careful as I put together the dossier so that I do not have to make multiple trips to Salem for apostilling (been there, done that – last time!) and so that there will not be delays caused by me.

4.  Please also pray for our family as we prepare to add another child.  There are educational challenges to meet with Kali and Kira and that will take up quite a lot of my time and energy this year.

5.  Pray with us as we wait – with faith! – to see how the Lord will provide for this adoption.  We have the opportunity to apply for some special needs grants once our home study is approved.  However the Lord chooses to provide, we know that He will do so, not only for the adoption, but for medical expenses once Levi is home.

On the educational front, I am very positive after enlisting the help of my “personal education consultant” and she was able to attend a meeting with me and the psychologist who did Kali’s testing and another psychologist who specializes in child assessment.  She was very pleased with the test results and feels like we can work on Kali’s working memory and processing with some strategies that she has used with other children.  I am SO thankful for Shirley, I could almost cry!  The Lord is so good to have put her in my life many years ago.  The Lord provides all that we need, doesn’t He?

Trusting in our sovereign and righteous God!  Lori


One Response to “Adoption Progress”

  1. Kristin Says:

    So much to pray for…but, then, there always is when we stop and think about it!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing specifics with us!

    I am also rejoicing with you in the help you are getting for Kali! What a blessing to be able to come up with a game plan as the new school year approaches!

    Praise God that He is ALWAYS in control even when things could not be more OUT of OUR control!!!!

    Thanks for the update!

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