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You Never Know April 16, 2009

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You know those days when things seem to be humming along just like any other day and then all of a sudden, something comes along and you wonder if your tomorrow will be normal?  There are also times when you look back at a span of an hour and a half and think that if you just hadn’t tried to squeeze too much into one space of time, things would have been completely different.

I had one of those yesterday.  I dropped the girls off at AWANA like I do every Wednesday night at 6:30.  I needed to do some errands and one of those errands involved buying a birthday gift for a little girl in our home school group.  I was hoping I could complete all my errands at Target, but I ended up not being able to find what I considered a suitable birthday gift for this girl.  I looked at my watch and knew that stopping at Barnes and Noble at the mall would be cutting it close for my picking up the girls after AWANA which is out at 8:00.  One of the quirks of my personality is that I can be oddly optimistic at very improper times.  If you know me, you know that realism (pessimism according to my husband) rules my typical behavior.  So, my thinking that I could run in Barnes and Noble, pick out a gift, purchase said gift, get back in my car and drive to AWANA in a span of fifteen minutes was one of those odd optimistic moments in my brain activity.

It turned out that my being late to pick them up led to a series of unfortunate events. 

When I pulled up at the school where AWANA is held, I saw that the family that is in charge of it was waiting outside with Kalindi and Kira and their kids.  I felt awful right away because I knew that I was keeping them from heading home to get their kids to bed.  However, when I pulled up I soon found out that keeping them waiting was the least of my worries. 

It seems that right before I pulled up Kira fell on the concrete sidewalk while playing tag with the kids.  She fell on her knee, braced her fall with her arms and hit her forehead very hard.  When I ran up she was in the arms of the mom and sobbing.  It wasn’t a normal cry and I was instantly worried.  She had a huge bump on her forehead.  She wasn’t responding to me as I thought she should.  My first reaction was that I needed to take her to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital in the car she had very odd breathing and didn’t respond when I spoke to her.  The only thing she would say was that her head hurt.  Kevin and Kelsey met me at the hospital.  Kevin stayed with us and Kelsey took Kalindi home.  Poor Kalindi, I could see how worried she was.  They decided they had better x-ray her arm and wrist because she was complaining about that and do a CT scan on her head.  Luckily the CT showed that there was no bleeding in the brain.  However, the radiologist thought there was a skull fracture.  No matter what, the doctor felt like she needed to be observed all night at the hospital.

Well.  They don’t have pediatric beds at our hospital.  So.  They took Kira and I to Doernbecher at OHSU in an ambulance.  Can you say “ca-ching”?  Anyway, Kevin and I were in complete agreement that professional assessment of her overnight was a good idea. 

Kira began to act like herself sometime after the CT scan and before the ambulance arrived to transfer her. (Around 11 p.m.)  It was reassuring because I don’t mind admitting that her behavior had me worried.  She was breathing so oddly – kind of shallow and not in a normal rhythm.  So, when she started saying that she was hungry (she is ALWAYS hungry) and was all excited about the ambulance, I breathed a sigh of relief and knew in my heart that she was going to be okay.

Kira's head this morning.  The impressive goose egg of last night is mostly gone.

Kira's head this morning. The impressive goose egg of last night is mostly gone.

We are all rather tired today.  Kira and I were awakened every couple of hours for the nurse to check on her vitals and talk to her.  Those recliners they have in hospital rooms – let’s just say that I think they were invented as some form of torture device.  Maybe this is what they should be employing on those suspected terrorists – enemy combatants – contributing members of society, if not slightly misguided – whatever the PC crowd is calling them these days. 🙂  Who needs water boarding!

I am very thankful this morning.  Thankful for God’s mercy on Kira and that her injury is not more serious.  Thankful that we had competent medical intervention available.  Thankful that I have such a wonderful family and friends.  Thankful for my beautiful little girl who puts so much joy in our lives.  God is truly good.

The family on Easter.

The family on Easter.


One Response to “You Never Know”

  1. sarah bess Says:

    So happy Kira’s ok!
    I hate the feelings you’re describing. One of the most awful ways to spend an evening. Hugs!
    I’m always mis-timing things like that–probably why I’m chronically late.

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