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Spring Clothes April 8, 2009

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Kalindi, Kira, and I spent several hours the other night going through their spring/summer clothes from last year to make an inventory to see what we had that would fit and what we would need to purchase.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when favorite shorts or tops would not fit from the previous year. 🙂  I didn’t know someone could get so attached to their “butterfly” shorts! (Kalindi)

It was amazing to me that the first set of clothes we bought Kalindi last summer (before buying the second round a month or so later) would fit Kira this year.  Kalindi started the spring/summer wearing an eight slim and needed a ten before it was time for cooler weather.  She also needed her shoes replaced last summer as well, but Kira hasn’t caught up in that department.

We went shopping yesterday since we also needed Easter dresses and shoes – of course!  The girls had a wonderful time and were so thrilled with the shoes and dresses they chose.  It was fun to see their face light up when they tried on the ONE. 🙂  Here they are modeling their finds:


Kalindi is especially proud of her “high heel” shoes.


A couple of fashion models. 

So, when it was all said and done, everyone was happy.  They both got new things for Easter and Kira was thrilled with Kalindi’s last summer’s clothes and Kalindi was happy with some new “bedazzled” shorts we found.  Kira is so thrilled with her new sandals that she came into my room this morning in her pajamas AND wearing her sandals.  So cute.  Don’t you just love a successful shopping trip?!  Ha.  I doubt my own shopping attempts for an Easter outfit will be quite as much fun or as profitable.  It is so much more enjoyable shopping for your kids. 🙂

Oh, here are my students ready for their day (this was last week):


Have a great day.  Lori


2 Responses to “Spring Clothes”

  1. Kristin Says:

    The pictures are great! I especially loved seeing the posters you had up in your “school room”…we school at the dinning room table, so posters just are not that practical…but, maybe, for a season, I might need to pull down some decorations and pop up some posters when the boys get here?!!

  2. Lori Says:

    Wow!!! They really ARE fashion models! What beautiful little girls and darling dresses, or is it the other way around?! I think it’s both!!! Tell them Auntie Lori says they are absolutely “gorgeous,”… have fun explaining that word! 🙂 Love you guys,

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