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Some Fun Pictures February 24, 2009

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Here are my flashlight superheroes.  Do you like their pose?




My Valentine Sweeties:


Kira has a “window”:


I love it when the kids lose their front teeth!  We read a book that referred to the space that is left when you lose a tooth as a window and it has become part of our vocabulary.  The funny thing about that book is that we read it for bedtime the night that Kira came running out after she had been in bed for awhile to announce that she had lost her first tooth!  It was so cute how excited she was.  Whenever she has a loose tooth she wants to read that book. 

Kira’s front teeth have been loose for awhile, but she has been babying them.  On Sunday, just after our dedication part of the service, got very enthusiastic about working one of them loose and she got it out.  It might have been the incentive of having three grandmas right there ready and willing to give her a “reward”. 🙂  

Have a great day!  Lori


One Response to “Some Fun Pictures”

  1. Kristin Says:

    The pictures were GREAT!!! How fun to see your girls!!!

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