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A Prayer Request for Kalindi February 24, 2009

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I wanted to let you all know so that you can be praying for Kalindi as she will be having a growth removed on her scalp this Thursday, February 26 at 8:30 a.m.

It is nothing serious, it is a pyogenic granuloma, which is a benign bump, but with irritation it keeps growing.  Since it is in her hair, she accidentally scratches it with her comb or brush and will also scratch it with her fingernail so it needs to come off.  She will be at the hospital and they actually give the kids some kind of gas to put them to sleep and then they will insert an IV and then do the surgery.  It is quick and she only has to stay at the hospital long enough to get the anesthetic out of her system and eat and drink something.  We should be home by noon.

We would appreciate it if you would pray that she will not be anxious and will sleep well Wednedsday night.  Whenever it comes up or she thinks of it, she will say, “Mommy, I am nervous!”  Please also pray for the surgeon and steady hands and that Kalindi will not react badly to any of the medication she will be given. 

Thanks so much!


One Response to “A Prayer Request for Kalindi”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Our family will be praying for Kalindi! My son, Micah, who is 8 has had 3 surgeries on his tonsils and ears…so he knows what it is like to be nervous. Praise the Lord that God never sleeps and that He holds the doctors hands in His so that they do exactly what He wants them to!

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