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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

My Amazing Husband February 12, 2009

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Tonight when I was putting dinner away I was thinking about how wonderful my husband is.  He was rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher as I cleared and put food away.  He does that pretty much every night.  I know that isn’t a big thing, but I really appreciate it.

My Mom always says that I got a gem for a husband.   I was telling her about last weekend when Kevin and I were moving a tree that had been planted for just over a year and it wasn’t happy where it was.  It really needed to move or I was afraid it might die.  As we were wrestling with this huge, heavy root ball, I asked Kevin, “Do you ever rue the day you met me?”  I was half serious and half joking.  If you only knew the number of crazy projects I get him to do for me you would know why I had asked.  I am pretty high maintenence!  His answer, in case you are interested, was, “No.”  Good answer. 

I have always been thankful that God brought us together – he is the perfect compliment to my personality.  Kevin is laid back, patient, logical, can compartmentalize work and home, loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, smart, caring, and is a great Daddy.    When there is a decision to make for our family, it is clear that Kevin is the leader and head of our home, but he has never led without listening to and heeding my input.  I have never felt like I was disregarded.  There have been times when we disagreed about something – and that would be something minor like what kind of patio cover – and we just don’t do anything until we can figure out how to agree.  It has been amazing to me that we always think very alike about anything of importance.

The one character trait that Kevin possesses that has most driven me crazy since we first got married is the length of time it will take him to process and answer a question.  I am very quick on the draw.  Which, I might add does not always go in my favor!  I have learned to appreciate Kevin’s ability to thoroughly think about the question and all it’s nuances before he answers.  I honestly wish I was more like that.  I have a very short path from my brain to my tongue.  It was actually a question that Kevin answered in a College/Career Sunday School class that we were both attending that made me want to get to know him.  I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it had to do with unconditional love.  That is Kevin’s greatest quality – loving unconditionally.  I have proved myself one smart cookie for chasing him down after that!

I guess I will call this my Valentine tribute to my sweetie.  Kevin and I will celebrate 23 years of marriage this coming September.  I am very blessed to call Kevin not only my husband, but my best friend.

I love you honey!



One Response to “My Amazing Husband”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I am the blessed one. You are a wonderful wife and friend. The Lord brought you into my life and I am continually thankful to Him for that.

    I love you!


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