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Educational, uhhh, attempts February 5, 2009

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Pretty much every day something happens in school with the girls that makes me either want to pull my hair out, run from the room screaming, or laugh my head off. 

I recently got this book called Dr. DooRiddles.  It is supposed to help teach logic and thinking skills.  There is a little riddle with clues and they are supposed to come up with the answer – just one word – at least so far.  Today’s riddle:

I’m down near the ground, And I start with a T; I’m part of a foot, Folks call me piggie.  What am I?

Okay, think native English speakers, probably not an issue coming up with “toe” as your answer.  For some reason, Kira came up with “tea cup” as her answer after the “I start with a T” clue and could not give up on that answer.  I kept repeating all the clues slowly, started giving small hints and still no one’s answer came close.  I had to appreciate the enthusiasm they used in calling out pretty much every word they could think of – not necessarily starting with a T – as I sat there incredulous.  I ended up with my sock off, my foot resting on the table, and pulling one of my toes saying, “You don’t know what these are called?”  I seriously had to tell them.

I don’t want to give the impression that my girls are, well, intellectually challenged.  They are bright girls.  It just gives you an idea of the uphill battle it is learning a new language and culture.  They have made great progress in many areas.  There are just some things left to learn. ha

Having fun, Lori


2 Responses to “Educational, uhhh, attempts”

  1. Theresa Says:

    What a crack up! I sooooo can relate. D has been here over four years and he still is learning new words daily. As we were driving up to Seattle this last Monday we passed a very clear lake. He said(very proudly), “Mom, there isn’t even a ‘ripple’ on that water!” He then went on to say he just learned that word two days before and was happy he could use it. By the way…E is doing well with school, but I could still use as many tips as possible. I’ve really have only just begun with her. Sometimes the task seems so daunting!

  2. Kristin Says:

    I just spent the last few minutes catching up on your postings that I had missed. What a blessing to my heart they were!!! Thanks so much for sharing all that God is teaching you!
    I do believe I will be picking your brain some more in the future about homeschooling!!!
    Also, I wanted to mention that if you havn’t read Ginger Plowman’s second book “Heaven at Home” I would highly recommend it too! 🙂
    I also wanted to thank you for your honesty a few posts back when your daughter asked you whether or not you would have adopted if Grant had not died. I was talking to my husband about the road God has led you on…and I couldn’t help but praise God for His amazing grace and precious plan for your family, even in the midst of the pain! You are a sweet testimony of His grace!

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