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Just too cute! February 4, 2009

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I know I am prejudiced when it comes to the cuteness of my kids, but come on!  They ARE cute! 

Kira cracks me up with her saying, “Just I’m saying.”  It seems to work for her in any situation.  Ha

Kalindi adds the word, “bus” to many sentences.  I am not real sure what it means, but I think it is a leftover Hindi word.  They seem to have forgotten most of their language, but every now and then they will come up with a word for an item.  For instance, Kira wanted two ponytail braids and asked for a “bene”.  (Remember I have no idea how these words are actually spelled.)

When the girls came down all ready for AWANA tonight, Kira said, “Hey Mom.  Just like school today – west!”  She says as she points to her AWANA “vest”. 🙂  I am working on the “v” sound as well as “th” – two sounds that they did not use in their language.

Remember when you would tell your kids things and they automatically believed you and accepted your statements?  You know, way, way back when they are very young? 🙂  Anyway, we were watching basketball some time ago and I made a comment about the dance girls’ outfits. (That they were inappropriate.)  The girls are scandalized by skin showing – it just isn’t something that you see in Indian culture.  In fact, they will say “chi chi” whenever they think someone is showing too much.  So, I made a comment and now every time they see the dance girls they say something.  Kira just now stated, “Those girls AGAIN!”  Let’s see how long it takes for them to think everything I say is stupid.

There is this little game the girls have been playing at bedtime lately.  They got these super cute fuzzy, colorful robes for Christmas.  So, they get dressed for bed and come down giggling their heads off because they are trying to fool us about what pajamas they are wearing.  They have come up with some pretty ingenious ideas.  One time they rolled up their pants and said they were wearing shorty pajamas.  Another time they had just laid a second pajama top across their chest so that was what showed at their neck.  Tonight they had on layers.  The funniest part is how big a kick they get out of it.



One Response to “Just too cute!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Lori,

    I enjoy all of your posts. Thanks soooo much for sharing all the fun moments and cute sayings. I can just see their faces! I love the pajama game. We are truly blessed to have these special girls in our family. We love them dearly. You are doing great!!!

    Love you, Mom

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