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I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us. Isaiah 63:7

The Fascination with Flashlights January 31, 2009

Filed under: Family,Kids,Life — Lori @ 4:14 pm

The other day I went to Home Depot for something and spotted these really cute kid flashlights at the checkout stand.  I remembered that Kalindi and Kira had wanted a flashlight and here were these brightly colored and decorated small flashlights just calling to me as I waited. 

Of course, I purchased them.  The funny thing is I think these convenient displays are supposed to get the kid to beg the parent to buy them. 🙂  I spotted a purple and lime green Tinkerbell one I knew Kalindi would love and there was a pink jewled one with Disney princesses on it – perfect for my little princess in waiting. (Kira) 

It was worth the $7 a piece just to see their faces light up when I got home and, after saying that I had a surprise for them and having them close their eyes while I put them behind my back, they shrieked with joy and jumped up and down when I pulled them out.  It was so much fun watching the girls dance around with them and flashing the light around chasing each other’s beam.

Kira is a little bit afraid of the dark and never likes to go upstairs if there aren’t lights on.  She wanted to shut off all the lights to walk upstairs because, “I have my flashlight Mom!”  So cute.  They also didn’t want the bathroom light left on (across the hall from their bedroom) when I put them to bed that night – because they had their flashlights!

The last two nights they have gone to bed with a book and their flashlight.  I kept checking on the sly  just to make sure they weren’t going to stay up too late.  When I said something to Kalindi about it one morning she said, “Well, you told us not to stay up too long.”  Wow.  They listened and obeyed.  I love it!

Kalindi had been complaining that Kira would wake up before her and since Kira hates to be alone, she would try to climb into the top bunk with Kalindi.  This, of course, was waking Kalindi up and not making her happy.  She finally asked me to say something to Kira about it.  Kalindi is very long suffering. 🙂  I told Kira that if she woke up and Daddy was already up that she could climb into bed with me.  Since I told her this, she has come in every morning.  The funny thing is that she can’t hold still for longer than five seconds.  She is either moving or talking.  Honestly, as much as I am NOT a morning person I would rather have this special time with Kira than another hour of sleep!  I know very well that you wake up one day and your kids no longer want to come get in bed with you or snuggle with you while watching a movie and you better get your time in when you can!

I feel very blessed this week.  Thank you Lord for filling our family with such joy.


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