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The Nativity December 17, 2008

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We watched the movie, “The Nativity” with the girls tonight.  They love to hear the story of Jesus’ birth and I was hoping that watching the movie would give them a fuller picture of the whole story.  Watching it again reminded me of the emotion that hit me the first time I saw it. 

I cried multiple times the first time I saw it and I did this time as well.  The movie makes you think about how Mary felt when she had the visit from the angel and must have been wondering what her parents, Joseph, and the whole village would think about her when her pregnancy became apparent.  I cried when Mary arrived to see Elizabeth and the two women could share the special purpose that God had given them.  Can you imagine how it felt to be Mary and Joseph and face an entire village who thought she (or both of them) had sinned?  And, one  of my favorite parts of the story is that God sends the angel to tell the shepherds about Jesus’ birth. 

As we were watching there were a lot of questions.  Kira’s were mostly the same, “Is that Joseph?” (She asked this about pretty much any man who came onscreen.)  “When is Jesus born?”  “Are they in Bethlehem yet?”  We tried to make things a bit clearer and explain things as the story went along.  Afterwards, I read the actual account from Luke and Matthew before bed and we talked about the fact that the story of Jesus’ birth is true.  It isn’t a fairy tale. 

I got some interesting questions after Daddy had kissed them in their bed and left the room. 

“Mommy, how was Jesus born?” 

“You saw the whole story of how Jesus was born.” 

“No, I mean, how did he come out of Mary’s tummy?” 

“Well, how God brings babies into the world is really a miracle.  They grow inside the Mommy and when they are all ready to be born, they………..come out.”

“How?  Do they cut your tummy?”

“Sometimes, but not always.  God made Mommy’s bodies special to have babies.”

Whew.  That seemed to satisfy them for tonight.  🙂


One Response to “The Nativity”

  1. We just watched the movie tonight. And, while watching, I was processing a blog post similar to this. What fun to find yours tonight!


    mama of 13

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