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Christmas Fun! December 15, 2008

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There have been several fun activities that the girls have had a chance to be involved in lately.  We had our monthly home school group get together and Mrs. English outdid herself again with gingerbread stables and nativity cookie figures that the girls all decorated.  What fun!

We went to a Christmas party at Kevin’s work and they saw Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer AND Santa.  They weren’t too sure about Santa. 🙂

Then, the best part of all!  The girls got to see and play in their very first snow!  They loved it and don’t seem to mind the cold all that much.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your outlook, the snow was very dry and you could hardly make a snowball let alone put together a snowman.  The good thing about the snow being dry was that you didn’t get all wet playing in it.   And, although it was a “big” snow for us here in the Portland metro area, it was only about three or four inches.  Just enough to have fun in.  The girls think it is wonderful!  They did want to make a huge snowman and find a magic hat for it – they have watched “Frosty the Snowman”.  🙂

It is still very cold here (for Portland!), 27 degrees, although the sun is shining!  We are expecting more snow on Wednesday and Thursday and then freezing rain and snow on Sunday.  It doesn’t sound like a good week to make plans to be running around!

WordPress has changed how you do things and I think there are some glitches in it because I cannot seem to insert a photo in this post.  So, I am giving you a link to go see my December album on Facebook.  There are lots of photos there with our Christmas tree decorating, various parties, and the snow.


One Response to “Christmas Fun!”

  1. Lesly Says:

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your “friends”. There were many familiar faces that I haven’t seen for a long, long, time.
    As far as snow goes… Here in Soldotna, we like for the temperature to be a little below freezing in the Winter. That way, the snow is dryer and less messy. We also don’t have to deal with icy roads very often because it is cold enough to prevent freezing and thawing. The roads are slippery and we have to use caution but, we don’t have much of the glare ice that you find in a warmer place.
    We also have trucks that sand and grate the roads every time it snows. =) We always go to school when it snows and the businesses do not close down.
    When we first moved to Alaska, I wondered how cold or icy it would need to be for school to be closed. I think we’ve had one “late start” when it was really rainy and icy in the morning. Once, we had “early release” because it was rainy and icy and the district wanted to get the kids home from school before it got worse. But, that is about it.
    We have snow from the end of October until April or May.

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