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Thanksgiving Fun November 29, 2008

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The girls and I go to a monthly home school group that my wonderful, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, organized, fun, patient, thoughtful, and young at heart friend runs for all us moms.  She is the grandma of the group – literally.  She started the group with her daughter-in-law in mind as a way to help her to get started with home schooling and an opportunity to have fun with her granddaughters. 

She is amazing!  Not only does she plan, organize, and gather all the supplies that we need for the day we meet, but she also makes all of us a wonderful lunch.  We have had homemade stew and the girls get heart shaped PB&J or cheese & meat roll-ups, yogurt, applesauce, and homemade rolls on pretty little crystal plates and they drink sparkling cider out of little crystal glasses.  In other words, she spoils us all terribly!

The girls have really enjoyed this get together with the six other girls that attend and look forward to this each month.  There is a family that comes to our group  that has just brought home a one year old and a nine year old girl from Ethiopia.  Kalindi and Kira were excited to meet the baby at our last get together and a few days later met the nine year old girl whose homecoming had been delayed a few weeks because of a court delay in Ethiopia.  Kalindi is so happy to have a girl around her age who will be coming to the group.

Here are some photos of our last time together:

Our Indian Chief leading a game.

Our Indian Chief leading a game.



Kalindi performing the Thanksgiving story with Squanto.

Kalindi performing the Thanksgiving story with Squanto.


The girls with their friend "I" and darling baby "M".

The girls with their friend

Finally meeting “E”:



2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Fun”

  1. Lesly Says:

    Hi Lori: I enjoy reading your blog. There are just so many similarities with what you are doing to what we are doing with Foster Care.
    Take care.

  2. Sarah Says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for you and your girls! I wish I had something like that here–but not very many homeschoolers in our vicinity. By the way you have beautiful children! God bless!
    Sarah T

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