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Good for the Soul November 18, 2008

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There is nothing so good for the soul than to hear a sweet six year old singing to herself in the shower. 🙂  Kira often sings to herself when she is doing things.  This morning when I went in to give her a towel it just made my heart smile to hear her singing happily to herself in the shower.  It gives me joy when I see contentment, security, and happiness on my girls’ faces.  God is so good to give me these glimpses just when I need them.

You can pray for me as I head back to the Social Security office for the fourth time.  I will admit that one of those trips was my fault – I forgot an important piece of paper that I thought was in the pile.  Kevin took me the first time armed with the form filled out for each girl, their newly arrived birth certificates, and their adoption decrees.  At that visit we were informed that this was not enough identification for them and that we needed to get a letter from the pediatrician stating their names, birth dates, our names as their parents, and the last time they had been seen at the office.

So my second trip was to head back with the letter and everything from the first time – only to arrive and realize that I hadn’t put the letters in the stack with everything else!  So, I ran home and grabbed the letters and went right back only to be told by a different employee of SS that what I had was not enough.  He said I needed a U.S. passport for the girls or immigration certificate that proved they were U.S. citizens.  I was SO frustrated.

That evening at home I went online to CIS to investigate this certificate (N-600).  It costs $420 per child to file.  I was really hoping I didn’t have to do that!  I looked at passport information.  You need a SS# to get a U.S. passport.  Huh?  Then I went to the SS website.  I checked the requirements to get a SS# for a foreign born adopted child and I really think we have all that we need.  So, I am now armed with the printed list of requirements – just in case I need to let the next SS employee know how to do their job – and threw in the mailings from CIS regarding the girls’ citizenship even though it has their old birthdates on them.  If I need to explain and prove the birth date change I also have the letter from the pediatrician for the court to change their birth dates and the original filing for the adoption which explains this.  All of this so that Kalindi would not have a Christmas Day birthday and Kira’s wouldn’t be in November!  Hindsight.

I hope that I can come home this afternoon and report that I have successfully negotiated the nightmare that is government bureaucracy and that SS cards will be in the mail for the girls!  Wahoo!  Then I can change their medical insurance information (names, birth dates, SS#’s) and quit looking like an idiot every time I pick up their prescriptions or call to make a doctor appointment because I am trying to remember what name I need to use and what birth date to give.  I will also know that come tax time I have everything that I need to claim the little sweeties AND be able to start claiming our adoption tax credit.


One Response to “Good for the Soul”

  1. Linda Says:

    Since it is not yet 11:30 am, I will pray that your afternoon of paperwork will be successful. I had forgotten about all these details ’til I read your note above. I especially remember the prescription hassles when we adopted Aaron… and I too had to remember what name to use etc., but at least I had one advantage of being a employee of a small hospital where most people already knew I was in the process of adoption. So remember I am praying for you today and God will be going before you.

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