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Election and Race Thoughts November 7, 2008

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I admire all the blog articles I have read on Christian sites that I frequent and their treatment of the election results.  I especially appreciated Randy Alcorn’s latest post on how we, as believers, should now think about and pray for our president-elect.  Barak Obama personally, not just the office of president, deserves our respect, prayers and support.  I admit that his election is troubling to me because of his beliefs (backed up by voting record) on abortion.  I believe abortion is the greatest crime the U.S. (and the world) is allowing to happen daily.  That is not the only thing I disagreed with Barak Obama about, but even if it was the only thing it would be enough.

I have heard a lot of references to the fact that this is an historic event – the electing of a brown skinned president.  Why should that be such a big deal?  Shouldn’t we look at everyone as a person created by God and judge them by what they do and what they believe and not by the color of their skin?

I have my own little brown skinned girls – not African brown, but Indian brown – and I know that they have been told – by their own people! -that they matter less in this world because their skin is dark.  They mention my “beautiful” white skin, which I always remind them is beige – no one is really “white”.  Who tells people that they are lower on some imaginary scale because their skin has more melanin? 

I tell my girls all the time that I think their brown skin is beautiful and that many of us “whities” (beigies 🙂 ) do all sorts of horrible things to ourselves to make our skin darker.  I tell them that underneath that skin they are just the same as I am – we all have blood coursing through our veins and a heart pumping it.  We are all created in the image of God and loved exactly the same by him.  I have even told them that Jesus was undoubtedly a brown skinned man during his incarnation, being a man of middle eastern descent.

When our family is out and about we mostly get approving smiles from people.  We will get questions about where the girls are from and other details about their adoption.  It is funny how quickly I forgot that the girls don’t look like me.  They are my children and I love them just as if I had given birth to them.  The girls played with a neighbor’s kid this summer and this girl, who is about five, finally said to me one day, “Hey!  You have white skin like me.”  It was like it just occured to her that my skin was different from the girls.  I think this gives me a great opportunity to teach children about race and that although we may look different because we come from different places, we are all really the same.  It is also a good time to educate about adoption and that there are millions of orphans around this world with very little chance of having a family to call their own and how we have the power to help them.

Last night Kalindi said something about her brown skin in a derogatory way.  I was again reminding her that her skin was beautiful and doesn’t affect who she is inside.  I also told her that our country had just elected a man with brown skin to be our president.  Her face lit up and she said, “Yeah!” 

I guess that says it all.


One Response to “Election and Race Thoughts”

  1. Sarah T Says:

    Hello Lori,
    I came over from Lisa’s blog at A Bushel and A peck. I enjoyed reading about your testimony and look forward to reading more. The Lord has told our family that we are to adopt, right now we are in the prepare phase as our house needs some rearranging in order to have any room for more children! I am SO sorry for the loss of your son. I cannot even imagine the grief, praise be to God that you have Jesus Christ to draw strength from. Often times I wonder how I could endure any of lifes struggles without Him! And thank Him ALL the time for choosing me so that I do have His strength. God bless you and your precious family.
    Sincerely in Jesus Christ,
    Sarah T

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